The Cast

Troy McMaster (Played by Troy Mundle)

TROY-MCMASTER-001Troy is our token Upper Canada boy – a transplant from Timmins, Ontario, he’s decided to make it big in Vancouver’s acting scene. Troy currently works as a stand-in on a network show, and is always just one step away from his big break.

Troy is loyal, good-looking, works out, and is really a catch, but his lack of experience with West Coast girls is costing him big-time. All the moves, and all the pick-up lines that served him so well in Northern Ontario, get him nothing but cold stares from the women here.

Special powers: Being able to take a golden moment to flirt with a lady, and turn it to stone in a flash.

Michael Robinson (Played by Michael Goudge)

S1E2-09Michael is the consummate West Coast guy, and proud of it. He considers himself a “healer”, who spreads wisdom and healing to all the women he encounters. Michael seeks to connect with whomever he wishes, and his “open” lifestyle is the envy of all his friends, or so he thinks.

Special powers: Being able to spout complete rubbish, and believe he’s a direct pipeline to The Truth.

Sheri Wilson (Played by 2014 Leo nominee Sheri Rabold)

SADinVAN-S1E3-Still-07Sheri is our very own Hermione Granger- she’s smart, saucy, and loves to get her nose up in everybody’s business. A daily meditator and avid yoga practitioner, Sheri feels compelled to give her wisdom to those around her, whether it’s needed or not. She is outgoing, confident, and extremely competitive, and longs for the day when she can find a Vancouver man truly able to keep up with her.

Special powers: a comeback line for every occasion, and the ability to ALWAYS have the last word, no matter what.

Chad Mayweather (Played by Chad Riley)

S1E2-05Chad is a single dad, with a mission to take the crown as Vancouver’s #1 Real Estate sales agent (or at least break the top 100). He is charismatic, optimistic, and will do whatever it takes to close that sale. Chad is also aware that his time is no longer his own- as his “Baby Girl” grows, he sees that she will need more and more of his resources and time.

Chad enjoys his status and connections in the community, and uses every new meeting as an opportunity to network. What he lacks in tact and subtlety, he makes up for in bravado and sheer force of will.

Special powers: a five-million-watt smile.

These are the other people in your neighborhood

Scott (Played by Ramon Terrell)



Scott, our season seaman, is currently dating Sheri. The two met on an online dating Website. This handsome devil seems to have everything going on…

Appears in episodes 2, 3

Leslie & Jacquie (Played by Fiona Vroom & Morgan Pasiuk)



Leslie works as an ad exec for a downtown company while her bestie Jacquie makes a living in health care. The boys think they’ve hit the jackpot when they meet these two beauties.

Appear in episode 2.

Bobby Delight (Played by Kevin Mundy)


Appears in episodes 2, 3.