About Single & Dating In Vancouver

At the 2014 Leo Awards

From left to right: SADinVAN’s Troy Mundle, Jane Avery, 2014 Leo Nominee Sheri Rabold, Amber Crombach and Chad Riley at the 2014 Leo Awards

Single & Dating In Vancouver is a new online series that serves up the highlights and lowlights of modern dating in fun easy to digest 25 minute comedic entrees. Using Vancouver as a backdrop, our cast of characters find themselves in the all too familiar dating situations that everyone can relate too, no matter where you’re from.

From the horrors of meeting a fantastically misrepresented online date, to the hoards of Peter Pan Complex’ed, hoodie-wearing, ball cap clad men who just can’t ‘grow-up’, seemingly good dates that veer into the abyss faster than the speed of light and everything in between. Toss in a healthy dose of ridiculous antics brought to life by the colorful cast and you’ve got yourself a pretty entertaining way to pass a half hour.

The series follows Troy McMaster (Troy Mundle), an actor and recent arrival from rural Ontario, who’s hoping to get his break in Vancouver, and also find that special someone and settle down on the West Coast. Sadly, our “small town boy with a big heart” is having troubles adjusting to single life in Vancouver. Troy is the window into the series, and introduces viewers to the rest of the colorful and lovelorn cast: Michael (Michael Goudge), Troy’s best friend and stereotypical laid back yoga-performing West Coast guy; Sheri (Sheri Rabold), the sexy, smart, sassy busybody of the group; and of course, what would a Vancouver TV series be without a single dad and up-and-coming Vancouver real estate agent, in the form of “Chadillac” Chad Mayweather (Chad Riley).

This ensemble cast brings wacky-yet-heartfelt stories to life that we can all associate with, and adds a Vancouver twist. Other cities have had their fair share of love stories; now it’s Vancouver’s time to shine.