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Single & Dating In Vancouver - Online Comedy Series

Single & Dating In Vancouver is a new online series that serves up the highlights and lowlights of modern dating in fun easy to digest 10-20 minute comedic entrees. Using Vancouver as a backdrop, our cast of characters find themselves in the all too familiar dating situations that everyone can relate too, no matter where you’re from.

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The Georgia Straight’s Stephen Hui Talks With Sheri Rabold About her 2015 VWF Best Actress Nomination
February 24, 2015

The Georgia Straight’s Stephen Hui met with SADinVAN’s Sheri Rabold last week to talk about the upcoming 2015 Vancouver Web Fest and her Best Actress Nomination. The article also features VWF founder Suzette Laqua and another local Web series and Official VWF 2015 Official Selection ‘Vancouver Cycle Chic‘. This article will appear in the next print edition of the Georgia Straight this Thursday.

Read the full Georgia Straight article.

The 2015 Vancouver Web Fest runs March 6 through to March 8. Single & Dating In Vancouver’s final episode of season 1 will be screening on Sunday, March 8 at 1pm.

SADinVAN Vancouver Web Fest 2015 Screening Times & Information
February 19, 2015

SADinVAN-VWF2015-SCREENING-ADVERTThe moment you’ve been waiting for, SADinVAN first ever ‘Official Selection Screening’! The Vancouver Web Fest has released it’s weekend screening schedule with Single & Dating In Vancouver set to have it’s first Official Screening on Sunday March 8 during Block 7, 1pm – 2:45pm.

SADinVAN will be screening it’s final episode of season 1, ‘Michael’s House of Cards’ which drew in a total of four nominations from the Indie Series Awards in North Hollywood. Things come to a boil in this hilarious episode (directed by 2015 Indie Series Award Nominees for Best Directing (Comedy) Andrew McIlroy & Troy Mundle) as our lovely couple Troy & Michael continue the charade with Leslie & Jacquie while Sheri hopes a private session with a world-renowned sexual therapist will finally make Scott act like a true sailor in the bedroom meanwhile we find our just how far Chad is willing to go so seal the deal. Starring Troy Mundle, Micheal Goudge, Sheri Rabold (VWF 2015 Best Actress Nominee, 2014 Leo Nominee Best Female Performance In A Web Series), Chad Riley, Ramon Terrell, Janet Walmsley (ISA 2015 Best Supporting Actress Nominee, Comedy – SADinVAN), Morgan Pasiuk, Matthew Spears, J.C. Williams, Shelley Janzé, Laara Fox, Jaqueline Ryan and guest stars True Heroines starlet Fiona Vroom (ISA 2015 Best Guest Actress Nominee, Comedy – SADinVAN).

Please come and support local Web series and meet some of the cast and crew of SADinVAN, we’d love to meet you!

Please visit Vancouver Web Fest 2015 for more scheduling and ticket information.

Other VWF 2015 Official Selections to screen during Block 7 include: Discrépance, Stroller Gangs, Haphead, Perfect Girl Series & Wallflowers.

VWF 2015 Block 7 Trailers

Vancouver Web Fest 2015 – Trailers for… by VanWebFest

4 Noms For SADinVAN at the 6th Annual Indie Series Awards in North Hollywood
February 6, 2015


There was much excitement around camp SADinVAN yesterday as the 6th Annual Indie Series Awards announced their list of nominees with SADinVAN receiving a total of four nominations. Single & Dating In Vancouver received a ‘Best Ensemble’ nomination with series director Troy Mundle jointly receiving a ‘Best Directing’ nod along with Vancouver acting teacher and legend, Andrew McIlroy. The list doesn’t stop there however, True Heroines starlet, Fiona Vroom’s performance (who plays Leslie on the series) netted a ‘Best Guest Actress’ nom while Janet Walmsley, who plays the unorthodox sexual therapist, Dr. VonHildenburgh, received the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ nomination.

The 6th annual Indie Series Awards ceremony will be held on April 1, 2015 at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. Stay tuned for more details.

For the full list of nominations, click 6th Annual Indie Series Nominations

Indie Series Announcement Video

SADinVAN Releases It’s New Season 1 Official Trailer
February 2, 2015


VWF 2015 Releases Official Selections Video
January 29, 2015

Our friends at VWF have released their 2015 Official Selections video with the trailers for these series to be released on their YouTube channel soon.

Sheri Rabold Gets Best Actress Nomination at VWF 2015
January 17, 2015

SADinVAN’s matriarch maven, Sheri Rabold gets the noms from the Vancouver Web Fest in the form of a Best Female Performance nomination! Congratulations Sheri! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the awards gala!


VWF_Best Actress_Nominee